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Mission Statement

Phoenix Rising Productions fosters creative ideas by leveraging the collective energy of the artist throughout our community.  We work to support each other’s creative visions, inclusive of a variety of media, art, dance, and styles. We are continuously pushing past boundaries, to expand each of our artists, individually and collectively, to reach their true creative potential.

Governing Rules

Rule # 1- Be nice

Rule # 2- It isn’t all about you

Rule # 3- It isn’t all about me

Rule # 4- BE nice

Rule # 5- If ever in doubt, refer back to Rules # 1-4

The Collective



Ali Aguilar

Ali began her life as an attention-hog, I mean performer, at age 3 in Grand Island, Nebraska. She soon realized her great love for dance and performing in many different styles but after an injury her senior year of high school, she fell back on a last-minute Plan B: attaining her Bachelors of Science in Textile & Apparel Design at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. After college, she moved to the Windy City and soon felt the familiar pull of the stage and thusly returned to dance.She is grateful for so much, but in particular: The never-ending support and love she feels from her giant, crazy family (Mom, Dad, Dean, TC…too many list here but all loved equally as much) as well as her Chicago family-most of which she is lucky enough to perform with. Her mentor Amy, who constantly pushes and encourages her, and has helped her grow so much as an artist and a person. Her BFF Estelle who makes her delicious pastries and tries very hard to keep Ali out of trouble. And of course her roommate, her soulmate, her Partner In Crime forever-thanks for carrying me to bed, Andy.

 Ryan Hall

Bio coming soon

Susie Hall

Susie Hall has been dancing since she was 3 years old (with blue legwarmers and her underwear sticking out of her leotard), and acting since she was 6 (as Gretel in the Sound of Music). She has performed in over 15 productions with The Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis, MN, including two national tours. After attending Barat College for a theatre major and dance minor, she has performed with several dance and theatre companies in the Chicago area. She would like to thank Ryan and Jude for being the best family (and that they forgive her for going to all of those rehearsals). She hopes that she inspires others to dance, move, act, create, play, and most of all, have fun!

Andrew Hodson

A native of a small town in michigan (so small that when he left, they lost three quarters of the high school marching band), Andy is very excited to be working with his new Chi-town family at Phoenix Rising. Andy has trained for a *cough cough* few years in all styles of dance. After college, he moved to New York where he had a brief stint in the Shakespearian go-go dancing circuit before he turned his attention to broadway. He was involved in a couple tours as well as a couple shows on the great white way. A horrible showgirls inspired injury persuaded him to move back to Michigan and get his cosmetology degree and begin teaching dance. After two short years, he decided Chicago was for him. Little did he know, he would soon be sharing the stage with some of the most important people in his life. He would like to thank all of them for putting up with his noxious smells, especially his roommate and best friend Ali, who no matter what, stands by his side with a supporting hand, shoulder to cry on, and a finger to point and laugh with whenever necessary.

Thomas Kubik

Thomas has been practicing photography since he was in high school, in Saginaw, MI. His first camera was a film camera. He would buy film in hundred foot rolls and make his own individual rolls of film to use in the camera.  He spent countless hours in darkrooms engaged in the developing and printing process. While he was in his undergrad at Lawrence Technological University, in Southfield, MI, for Architecture, he took photography classes and explored the many themes in photography. Originally, he primarily took photos of places and things. After a while he began to crave capturing life and people. For many years, he enjoyed photographing his family, friends, and strangers. After several request to photograph weddings and babies, he completed an internship with a local and very reputable media company. While there, he photographed everything from weddings to models, anything to get professional experience behind the camera, engaging with people.  He loves photographing people. Period. He is just as comfortable photographing a newborn as he is photographing a bride on her wedding day, or a dancer in his performance.  Photography aside, he has a great wife, Tiana. They have been married since 2008. They are pet-parents to a spunky lab-mix, Addie, and their rabbit Lotus.


Tiana Kubik

Tiana has been a Chicagoan for just over 5 years, originating from the Suburbs of Detroit, MI.  Her dance career started as a “Chiquita Banana” at her first recital at the ripe age of 3.  Tiana spent her teenage years as a competitive dancer with her hometown studio.  Throughout college, she maintained taking classes and performing with the Michigan State University Dance Department.  After taking several years off from dance to pursue a career in Early Childhood Education, she decided it was time to return to her first passion and began to dance again in 2010.  Along with performing with Phoenix Rising, Tiana has also found an exciting way to combine her knowledge of Child Development with her love of dance by teaching creative movement and dance to young children.  One day she hopes to make another little girl’s dreams come true by having her sing and dance about bananas.  Tiana is beyond proud of what Phoenix Rising is creating with the remarkable faith and support found among these amazing artists.  She also knows that all things are made possible from the tremendous love and support of her husband, Thomas, who can be found either behind the camera lens or the lighting booth at every performance.

Maria Parise

Maria Parise is a native of the Steel City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Flashdance anyone?).  She began studying dance at the age of six. Her early performance highlights include a ten second arabesque solo at the age of nine and the part of a schizophrenic tap dancing homeless a few years later. Maria is currently working towards her BFA degree at Columbia College Chicago, double majoring in Performing Arts Management and Dance.  Columbia has afforded her the opportunity to perform on the Dance Center stage in works by Alex Neil, Christian Bambara, and Mark Morris as well as three years of dancing in the Deaf Theater.  This past year she danced as an apprentice with Alliance Dance Company.  Maria was most recently seen dancing in the city, at Chicago Summer Dance, learning to Cha Cha and Waltz with the locals.  She is very excited to be dancing with Phoenix Rising in their debut show.  Maria would like to thank everyone involved in this production for giving her the opportunity to dance, grow, and expand her performing and management experience.

Boobs Radley

Boobs Radley’s mother claims that Boobs “was raised right”, all evidence to the contrary. As a small child she had a respectable life of plaid, mary janes and kickball as a Catholic school girl. But Mom didn’t count on two influences: the theater and an HBO special on striptease. When she saw that old-timey stripper twirling her tassels on TV, a young Boobs said, “That’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to grow breasts!” A junior high school play introduced Boobs to the irresistible one-two punch of applause and false eyelashes. It was all downhill from there. An introduction to drag queens in college cemented her love of vodka and all things sparkly. Unable to be a drag queen herself, she embarked on the next best course: burlesque. Boobs is currently performing at various venues in the Chicago burlesque scene and pursuing her dream of becoming Chris Meloni’s personal sponge bather.

Amy Russell

Amy has been dancing longer than the rest of Phoenix Rising has been alive (exact number to remain a mystery.) After graduating from East Carolina University with a BFA in dance and theater, Amy performed and toured all over the United States and Canada before settling down in Chicago. Since arriving in Chicago, she has been seen in many musical theater productions and held many artistic positions such as Co-Curator/Producer of The Around the Coyote Dance Festival and Managing Director of Irreverence Dance + Theatre (now Innervation Dance Cooperative.) By day, mild mannered (right) accountant/mother, by night Dancer/Choreographer/Producer! (Is there a corresponding Super Hero for this?) Even though one of her claims to fame is being told in a job review that “she doesn’t play well with others,” she’s so excited to finally have found a group of people that is truly enjoyable to play with.

Chip Russell

Designer and motion graphic artist. Spouse of Amy Russell.